Holiday Outfit

I’m back to the blogging world!!!

Finally I’m back and so excited to re launched my blog. I took a break to enjoy my pregnancy.. well let me introduce myself again for those who don’t know me yet ..

My name is Berenice. I’m from Mexico and I’m a wife and a mother of three little angels, two boys and a girl.. I took a time from blogging because I wanted to enjoy my pregnancy besides that I was sleeping or resting all the time, now my baby boy is 4 months and I’m here to share my outfits and my love or should I say my addiction to shoes…  this time I’m trying to give different looks to my clothing and shoes…You all know that we can created many different looks with just a couple of garments and that’s the point save and look fabulous !!!


Let’s talk about the outfit, this is my first time wearing a bodycon midi dress of that length and I decide to give it a try,  I know this type of dresses are for tall girls but I feel so classy and sophisticated in it .. I pared with Dinari from shoedazzle to add more color  .. let me tell you those heels are so gorgeous, they have a zipper detail on the back that make them a different pair that must be on your closet ladies!!! get Dinari here


Thanks to read !! XOXO



Holiday Outfit

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