Hello 2016 

The new year is here and new resolutions with it.. In my family there is a tradition to eat 12 grapes exactly at 12 am of the new year and ask a wish or say your resolutions per each grape.. This time they were too many grapes for me even that I wished things for my loved people  and my last grape I shared  it with my hubby ,. Hope we wished the same thing as a couple lol .. 

The most important thing is try to make real each dream, resolution or wish, working harder to accomplish them trying to be the best version of ourselves… 
I wish you a wonderful New Year Fashionistas 😘🎉



Dress: love culture 

Heels : Yana from shoedazzle

Jacket : NY&C

I choose this dress that I got a year ago  for new year’s outfit I love the color combination and my jacket just match perfect but the hard part for me was find the shoes.. I tried a lot of  styles and colors and for the first time I didn’t know how to pair it but finally I decide to match the lace part of the dress with these gray heels with a bit of lace and I love the look .. 

P.s. you notice I changed my hair color but it doesn’t take the burgundy color that I wanted in a couple of weeks I will go to the hair salon for a touch up and get that color 😊.. 

Hello 2016 

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