Khloe kardashian’s look for less 

  After seeing how simple yet classy and sophisticated Khloe Kardashian look on this pencil skirt with a mesh bodysuit I knew that I had to recreate the look for three reasons. First is how I would pair it , second is because I had a similar skirt and third why not create a celebrity look for less. ? 

The important thing is not to copy someone else’s style but you can get an inspiration look and always try to make it your way and feel great wearing it .. Also you don’t need to spend hundred dollars to look like a celebrity you can always find similar items for a great price or simple look in your closet and make work what you already have. 

I purchased the skirt for $6.99 a couple of weeks ago when I got the floral one from the latest post and I had a white crop top but one day walking around in Ross I saw this mesh crop top that was more similar to what Khloe was wearing and because it was only $5.99 I took it . The accesories and wallet are from my closet, the shoes of course from Shoedazzle I got them on a sale for $10 a year or so ago . 

If you would like to recreate the look I found similar items that you may want to look out 


Despues de ver Lo simple pero Classico y sofisticado Se ve el look the Khloe con esa falda entallada y el body de malla sabia que tenia que recrear el look por 3 razones .. 1.asi Lo hubiera combinado yo 2. Tenia ls falda 3.por que no crear un look de unacelebridad por menos ? 

Lo importante es tener tu estilo pero a veces nos inspiramos en algunos looks pero siempre tratar de ponerle nuestro toquesito y Lo mejor Es que una Se sienta estupenda llevandolo . Y esta Es una muestra Se que no Se nesesita gastar tanto para verse como una famosa siempre podemos buscar Lo que hay en el closet y hacerlo funcionar. 

La falda $6.99 y la blusa $5.99 son de Ross, Los accesorios  son de mi closet tanto como Los zapatos tambien ya Los tenia de hace mas de un año y claro son de Shoedazzle $10  

 Les dejo unas opciones por si quieren recrear el look 

Skirt $14.95 or Pencil skirt  
White blouse  $8.90 or White shirt $5.99 

Dorothee pumps $29.99   Or Silver pumps $22.10   

Rings $5.90   Wallet $9.90  


Khloe kardashian’s look for less 

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