June wishlist from Shoedazzle 

Every month I pick my favorite styles from Shoedazzle new arrivals and although I’m a shoe lover I started to get obsessed with their clothing line too and of course you can’t complete a look without a bag right? 

These are my top favorite styles from June realeses. 


Flirty Fit and Flare Dress

Brayden Bag



June wishlist from Shoedazzle 

Christmas wishlist from Shein 

I’m still on time to make my last wishlist .. Santa you know that I’ve been good all year long and all I want for Christmas is clothes from Shein.. 

This are some of my picks that I would love to pair to finish and start a new year.. 

What fashion clothing did you ask for this Christmas? 

White blouse

Olive sweater
Velvet top
Red dress

Christmas wishlist from Shein 

Birthday wish list 

My birthday is around the corner and I made my wish list just in case someone wants to give me something  from my favorite place Shoedazzle

“Amarin” I love this peep toe bootie the strap around the ankle and the laceup makes her look so stylish. 

“Pearlette” I think that I don’t have many white shoes and this pump look so fancy “Jojet” these sandals are perfect to wear it everyday , I love the color, the block heel, the cutoff and the laces on the back .. “Emilia” wedges with this height are very comfy and I love the lace up trend, the color goes with everything so these ones are a must have this summer 

Birthday wish list